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Pretty much 85% eli goldsworthy but I try to gif all the characters.
Taking requests?
heck yeah i am. mostly for character gifs or memes when i reblog them
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Degrassi meme — Day 10
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Zig Novak in Got Your Money — 12x05 & 12x06

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eli + bewilderment

I want Maya to dance sexy for Zig and for Zoe to also be there and get jealous and for Zig to like Maya's dancing and forget about Zoe

fascinating, truly.

tell me more.

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My apologies. I did not get the memo. Don't worry about it, then.

You’re all good bby! I’m flattered you even requested it. :3

Can u do an AU thing about Cam and Miles fighting over Zig?

Like I’ve said before, I don’t take AU requests. They’re really time consuming sets to make and if I don’t feel a lot of motivation to make it, I’ll never finish it. I just know how I am with them. Sorry!

anonymous asked: my “i love it but don’t want it to happen because I don’t trust the writers with same sex/LGBT pairings since they never let them be happy or even alive sometimes” pairing
➪ triles

I’m hoping most of you have realized by now that I’m a huge dork, and being a huge dork, I like making sentimental stuff sometimes. So this is another sentimental follow forever sort of thing I guess!! Like I’ve said before, I don’t follow anyone here since I only post my stuff on this blog, but I always notice people who frequently reblog my sets, send me messages, or make awesome things themselves that I can’t help but admire (seriously some of you guys are so talented I’m always so impressed jfc). I’m a pretty quiet person, so I don’t really go out of my way to befriend people, and truthfully I think I’ve only spoken to a handful of you guys. But this is my way of saying you all run awesome blogs, and I think you’re nifty as hell.

If tumblr allowed more than ten gifs in a set, I would’ve gone a little more crazy with making this but alas, I was limited. The blogs above (yes I made them with characters/ships that I think of when I see your urls pop up on my dash omfg I’m a huge dope) are ones I really enjoy. I’m gonna list those as well as some others that I wish I could have fit in this set. And seriously, thanks to everyone who follows this dumb little blog of mine. You guys make it a lot more fun to log on and create things.

the cuties listed above

aislinncpauls crystalsallisons ecladam edwardsgoldsworthy hollingsworthies jaties littlebhandari lotrabc rememberingcam zayawantshankypanky 

wow even more cuties!

artnotnicemakesufeel thestarsareoutwhatsyourwish insaneforseddie dyalneverett fimogin hollingsnovaks justintaylors prospericlarks rivasnovaks hotelelii camaya thebeautyindiamonds dylthug + a bazillion more that I can’t think of off the top of my head but I seriously adore just as much

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